Zero to hero

The gospel truth III Spä¯

Bless my soul! Herc was on a roll!
Person of the week in ev'ry Greek opinion poll.
What a pro - Herc could stop a show!
Point him at a monster and you're talking S.R.O!
He was a no one - A zero, zero!
Now he's a honcho - He's a hero!
Here was a kid with his act down pat.
From zero to hero - In no time flat.
Zero to hero - Just like that! 

When he smiled the girls went wild 
with oohhhs and aahhhs.
And they slapped his face on ev'ry vase
- On ev'ry "VAHSE"
From appearance fees and royalties, 
our Herc had cash to burn.
Now nouveau riche an' famous - 
He could tell you what's a Grecian urn! 

Say amen - There he goes again!
Sweet and undefeated and an awesome 10 for 10!
Folks lined up just to watch him flex.
And this perfect package packed a pair of pretty pecs!
Hercie, he comes. he sees, he conquers.
Honey, the crowds were goin' bonkers!
He showed the moxie brains and spunk!
From zero to hero - A major hunk!
Zero to hero - And who'da thunk? 

Who put the "glad" in "gladiator"?
Who's daring feats are great the-a-ter?
Is he bold? No one braver!
Is he sweet? Our favorite flavor!
Hercules, Hercules...
Bless my soul, Herc was on a role - Undefeated!
Riding high, and the nicest guy - Not conceited!

He was a nothin' - A zero, zero.
Now he's a honcho - He's a hero!
He hit the heights with breakneck speed!
From zero to hero... Herc is a hero!
Now he's a hero! Yes indeed!!!

The gospel truth III Spä¯